Who We Are

Our Story

Medata incorporated in 1975 as a company specializing in the field of medical cost containment for the workers’ compensation community. Founder, Constantine Callas, M.D., a physician and computer product visionary, developed software that automated medical bill review and made possible a product that remains at the heart of cost containment strategies today.

After more than 40 years as the leader in the industry, Medata remains a family-owned business under the direction and ownership of Dr. Callas’ daughter, Elizabeth C. King, and her husband, Cy King. With the strong leadership of the executive management team, Medata continues to represent the principles the company was founded on by delivering innovative products and building strong relationships with our employees, clients and partners.

Medata prides itself on its experience and leadership in the workers’ compensation and auto liability industries and is dedicated to offering solutions to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands.

[mpc_connected_icons layout=”vertical” gap=”15″ lines_number=”1″ lines_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.85)” lines_weight=”3″ class=”list-info”][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”1972″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Dr. Constantine Callas begins the development of software to assist physicians in properly billing workers’ compensation medical bills. He realizes physicians are not interested in changing billing practices and turns his attention to the payer community.[/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”1975″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata is incorporated and the first medical bill in the nation is automatically reviewed for a California insurance carrier through Medata’s software![/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”1984″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata expands outside of California to states that have a medical fee schedule. [/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”1989″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata goes live with the nation’s first software lease platform.[/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”1991″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata introduces a proprietary reasonableness database and becomes the first to review auto liability and non fee schedule bills.[/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”2002″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata hits 25+ million bills a year! [/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”2007″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Elizabeth C. King assumes ownership and Cy King takes over as CEO. Together, they chart the new roadmap for the company.[/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”2014″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata names Tom Herndon president.[/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”2016″ mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata introduces the first product that integrates a medical bill review engine with document management in one application.[/mpc_icon_column][mpc_icon_column layout=”style_4″ alignment=”left” title=”TODAY” mpc_icon__disable=”true”]Medata continues as the leading innovator in the cost containment industry.[/mpc_icon_column][/mpc_connected_icons]

How We Are Different


We are a family-owned and operated company with no outside investors. We answer only to our clients.


We own and control the software. Our in-house development team allows for direct access to the software.


We are committed to doing the right thing for our clients. We are proud our clients are all referenceable.


Our people are the backbone of the company. Their knowledge and experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

"When my husband, Cy, and I took over Medata in 2007, our mission was to revitalize the business my father started over 40 years ago. The company meant so much to me and my family and we were committed to renewing our place as the leader in medical bill review. To do that, we needed a lot of smart, hard-working people to join us in this endeavor. We formed our executive management team and set out to hire the best the industry had to offer. That was ten years ago. We now have over 300 team members working together each day to provide our clients with world-class service. We are proud of the relationships we have built and the reputation we have earned."
— Elizabeth C. King